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Tencent Cloud

Tencent Cloud ranks 2nd in China’s public cloud market and also provides all-rounded cloud security products, including EDR, NDR, anti-DDoS, SOC, etc.


DAS-Security has 14 years of experience in cybersecurity, currently ranks 1st in application security in China, including WAF, IAM, UEBA, etc. 


Sansec is the leading cryptographic infrastructure suppliers in China, with 400+ government & enterprises customers and countless certifications of honors.


SkyGuard ranks 1st in China’s Data Loss Prevention (DLP) market, and the only vendor from APAC being nominated as Gartner Representative Vendor for both EDLP and CASB.


Moqi is the leading biometrics platform in China. By leveraging AI technology, Moqi has built advanced identify recognition and authentication platform, including fingerprint and palmprint scanner and system.


The Hillstone suite of products can help establish a comprehensive security infrastructure. Can help with streamlining overall security management and operations.

Networking & Infrastructure


Ruijie ranks 1st in China’s enterprise Wi-Fi 6 market with astonishing up to 40.66% market share, also with market presence in over 50+ countries.


Inspur ranks 1st in China’s server appliances market. From rackscale to AI/ Deep Learning solutions, Inspur can offer the total solution for data centre and cloud clouding aspect.


AiShu rank 1st in China’s backup solution market, with 2 decades of experience and 26,000+ enterprise customers. Key products include AnyBackup, AnyShare.


Maipu is the leading networking solution provider in China, with global coverage and partnership with telecom & ISP. Wide product lines include industrial grade switches.


SmartX ranks 1st in China’s HCI market with 9 years of experience, but still having worldwide recognition from Gartner and Forrester as comparable with Nutanix.

Software & OS


Coremail ranks 1st in China’s email system market, focusing on delivering enterprise email solutions for 22 years, currently with over 1 Billion end users.

Kingsoft (WPS)

Kingsoft WPS ranks 1st in China’s all-in-one office suite market, with over 494 million monthly active users around the globe. It includes writer, presentation, spreadsheets and PDF.

Kylin OS

Kylin OS is the no. 1 operating system in China, dominating the market with over 95% server OS and 70% desktop OS coverage, established strong ecosystem with 117+ softwares.


Laiye ranks 1st in China’s RPA & AI market, with 20 years of experience in the area and being nominated as a niche player in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant in 2021 for RPA.


Cloudwise ranks 1st in China’s IT Operation solutions market, focusing on delivering ITOM and ITSM solutions, comparable with Service Now, Solarwinds and App Dynamics. 


Dameng ranks 1st in China’s database management solution market for a decade, with over 100+ users in China and overseas market, comparable with Oracle MySQL. 


OceanBase Database is a distributed relational database developed by Ant Group. It has been supporting the Double 11 Shopping Festival for 9 years and is also the only distributed database in the world that has broken both TPC-C and TPC-H records.

Workplace Management


Yeastar is the leading provider of UC (Unified Communication) solutions, specialising in IP-PBX, VoIP gateways as well as advanced workplace management solutions.


Feishu (Lark in global market) is launched by Chinese tech giant ByteDance in 2016, which is an one-stop collaborative suite to facilitate internal communications.


Hitrolink is a subsidiary of DaHua Group, specialising in providing total solution for enterprise video conferencing, ranging from web cam to interactive whiteboard.

CEC - Great Wall

Great Wall has built a product spectrum from chips, desktops, notebooks, servers, network switching equipment to application systems.

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